A case for and against tax

March 22, by Dan Mitchell Even though I fret about a growing burden of government and have little faith in the ability or desire of politicians to make wise decisions, I somehow convince myself that good things will happen. But in that same article, I also issued this warning. I may decide to give up if something really horrible happens, such as adoption of a value-added tax.

A case for and against tax

On their website, they've addressed some of the more common arguments that folks have made to avoid paying taxes. Most of these arguments have gone to the courts numerous times and found to be without merit.

So if you don't want to pay your taxes, you'll have to dream up something more creative than these 10 examples. Taxes are "voluntary" This argument comes from a misunderstanding of the word "voluntary," which appears in a few tax-related sources, including the instructions that come with your tax form.

Unfortunately, the legal definition of the word "voluntary" in this case refers to the process by which taxpayers report and pay taxes on voluntarily reported income, as opposed to a system where the government just tells you what to pay and you fork it over.

And don't think that you can be tricky and say that filing a tax return might be mandatory but paying the taxes is voluntary. They've already thought of that one, too. Compensation is not income Here's the argument: If I work for compensation, then I'm not actually profiting.

I'm just bartering my time for money, which is a zero-sum transaction, and, consequently, I have no gain or profit that can be legally taxed.

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This can be misconstrued as an "exchange" and not actually income. Clever, but not convincing. Taxes in America aren't for Americans Apparently there's a sentence or two in the tax code which is over 50, pages, by the way that discriminates between U.

It's just a small point explained so that folks don't pay double taxes if they happen to have income from multiple countries. A few individuals have plucked this one little idea and claimed that no taxes are due on income earned in America by Americans.

Only aliens have to pay. Read the other 49, pages and get back to us.

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Money isn't legal tender Some folks are a little peeved that they can't take a couple of Benjamins into their local banks and exchange them for equal amounts of silver or gold.

They therefore claim that the income they earn paid in such "worthless" tender cannot be taxed, as it inherently has no value.

Truth is, they've got nothing to be peeved about. Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution says that the states cannot declare anything as legal tender other than gold and silver, but imposes no such limits on the Congress.

I am not a citizen Some creative former accountants and militia members got together and figured out that if they rejected their U. Or, put more succinctly, "I am a free-born citizen of insert Mountain West state hereand you have no right to my money, Mr.

We've got a baby shower in the third floor break room to go to and you're taking up our time with this? Individuals aren't people I'm just going to quote the IRS on this one since it's pretty priceless: This argument is based on a tortured misreading of the Code.The case against income tax.

By Claire Connelly Economics & Finance | Bookmark to dashboard. Last week, the Australian House of Representatives accidentally brought a bill abolishing income tax from the 1st of July , and though it is unlikely to pass, it might be the single smartest decision it .

Aug 21,  · Watch video · Paul Manafort trial: Jury finds former Trump campaign manager guilty on 8 counts in tax fraud case. The expensive suit is one of many that is being used as evidence in the case against him.

The IRS won a court case being closely watched by tech companies, as an appeals court upheld a regulation governing how corporations divide expenses between their domestic and foreign operations.

Read Part 1 here.. It is important to note that the effect of the carbon tax is not double counted.

A case for and against tax

The carbon tax raises tax rates generally, and so market actors react to the $ billion income tax with the knowledge that taxes are actually higher than $ billion. Speaking of carbon taxes, the best argument against them probably has nothing to do with either global warming or tax policy. The best argument is: why bother?

The simple form of this argument is. A widely quoted study produced for the soft drinks industry made much of the costs, but downplayed the benefits, of a tax on sugary drinks. Case against soft drink levy is sugar coated Editions.

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