Abortion seminar notes

There are few countries in the global south that have legalized voluntary abortion, and there are even fewer in Latin America.

Abortion seminar notes

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Sample Research Papers Introduction There have been an increasing number of abortion cases throughout the world. This scenario has been fuelled Abortion seminar notes among other factors social and economic factors.

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy. It is the removal of the foetus before it is viable.

Or how men, priests, and the ignorant subjugate women

It is usually done before the foetus gets to 25 weeks old. It is either spontaneous or induced abortion. Abortion refers to the induced type Malcolm page In developed countries, abortion is legal whereas most developing countries do not encourage and permit abortion.

This brings about the differences in safe and unsafe abortions. Abortion accounts for over 70, maternal deaths worldwide.

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Abortion has a long history. In the past, it was done using crude tools such as sharpened tools, physical trauma and other traditional methods. With advancement in the field of medicine, contemporary methods are now used and involve the use of medication and surgical procedures Nada page Each country in the world has different legality, cultural and religious statuses and prevalence of abortion.

The ethical principles towards abortion and removal of pregnancies also vary. Countries such as the United States of America and Britain have heated politics surrounding the issue of abortion in pro-life and pro-choice campaigns Ted page These are based on the argument that for one group, it should be legalized and for the other, abortion should not.

Most governments in the developed countries have legalized abortion. Many developing and underdeveloped countries have not legalized abortion and have no control over what is done by the medical personnel. Abortion and childbirth complications have been the leading causes of maternal deaths the world over.

With the advent of the 21st century, maternal deaths have declined. This has been attributed to education on family planning as well as the use of contraceptives.

Discussion Induced abortion A third of pregnancies occurring in the world today are unintended. A fifth of these pregnancies end up in induced abortion. Induced abortion is the forceful removal of the foetus from the womb of the mother.

The gestation age of the foetus is the determining factor of what procedures could be used to conduct the abortion. The procedure is also limited by the legality of abortion in that country, doctor patient preference and the regional availability of such services.

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Induced abortion is either therapeutic or elective. Therapeutic abortion is done by medical personnel in an effort to save the lives of patients. Patients suffering from such things as illnesses, multiple pregnancies and complications could have this procedure done on them to avoid having complications at childbirth that may lead to loss of life World health organisation page Abortion Seminar notes.

1st slide What is abortion? An abortion is a deliberate act to terminate a pregnancy. This is also known as a termination, depending on how far gone the woman is, the pregnancy is ended either by medication or by having a surgical procedure. 2nd slide Why an abortion may be needed?

Abortion seminar 1.

Abortion seminar notes

WELCOMEWELCOME 2. ABORTION 3. Definition • “Abortion is the expulsion or extraction from its mother of an embryo or fetus weighing gm or less when it is not capable of independent survival” Dutta D.

C • “Abortion is defined as [a] fetus or embryo removed or expelled from the uterus during the first half of gestation— Instead, the upper chamber’s total rejection of abortion revealed three dynamics that prevent women from acquiring full citizenship rights, and which still preclude Argentina from becoming a truly secular and pluralistic society: a toxic and oppressive patriarcalism; an authoritarian Catholic Church; and ignorance coupled with chauvinism.

View PROABORTION from COMERCIO LTADEJ at Universidad TecMilenio. ABORTION EFFECTIVE LECTURES SEMINAR FINAL EXAM INTRODUCCIN Abortion has been a debatable topic for decades.

One can neither. NOTES ON ABORTION What is abortion? • Abortion is broadly understood as the termination of a developing human life at any point between its conception and its birth. Initial problems • There is a problem with the definition, in deciding the precise location of the beginning and the end Microsoft Word - Notes on vetconnexx.com Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue (Seminar) (Note: Although Chapter 1 can provide great benefit apart from the JFA seminar, it is intended to be used by seminar participants in conjunction with lectures and small group interactive sessions led by certified JFA Mentors.).

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