An analysis of justice

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An analysis of justice

Trump fires back after Roberts rebukes him As the episodes piled up, from Trump's campaign time in and into his presidency, the man who sits at the helm of the federal judiciary said nothing.

An analysis of justice

But Trump's comments on Tuesday apparently were too much. Roberts spoke out Wednesday, and his rare and extraordinary statement immediately seized national attention.

Not to mention a rejoinder three hours later from Trump on Twitter. The startling series of events -- which showed a bolder side of Roberts -- demonstrated just how much Trump's relationship with the third branch has devolved.

The US Judiciary has strived to be above the political fray that has only been exacerbated by Trump. Read More Roberts' response stems specifically from Trump's comments on Tuesday on District Court Judge Jon Tigar's Monday night decision to temporarily block an executive order that would have scaled back US asylum policy.

Trump criticized the San Francisco-based Tigar, nominated inas an "Obama judge. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them. That independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for.

A appointee of Republican President George W. Bush, Roberts did not explain his timing. But it may arise from the combination of Trump's specific insult -- portraying Tigar in a political realm based on the president who appointed him -- as well as the recent confirmation turmoil over new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Roberts' public concern for the reputation of the federal judiciary comes as the Supreme Court is riven along ideological and political lines. The recent retirement of swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy has deepened the split, and Roberts has already signaled an effort to try to lessen the divisions among the nine.

The chief justice spoke out broadly about judicial independence in October after the tumultuous Kavanaugh hearings. Addressing a University of Minnesota audience, Roberts referred to "the contentious events in Washington of recent weeks" and then asserted the high court's independence from the executive and legislative branches.

But what I would like to do, briefly, is emphasize how the judicial branch is -- how it must be -- very different. He has also observed sincewith the retirement of liberal Justice John Paul Stevens, an appointee of Republican President Gerald Ford, that it may be more difficult to convince the public of justices' impartiality from politics.

Since Stevens was succeeded by Obama-appointee Elena Kagan, and continuing with Trump's choice of Kavanaugh, the court's five conservative justices were named by Republican presidents and the four liberals -- often relegated to the dissent -- were named by Democratic presidents.

With Kennedy's retirement, Roberts is now ideologically at the middle of the court, and he may be inclined to hedge his own conservative instincts to steady the bench and avoid more polarization.

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And the Paradise Papers have confirmed once again the extent to which jurisdictions around the world continue to engage in activities designed to attract profit shifting by multinationals.
These papers are intended to stimulate discussion and criticism of economic issues related to industries and activities in which the creation and promotion of competition may replace either monopoly or government regulation or both.
The Trump administration is promoting a similar agenda at the national level. If passed, the laws would increase restrictions on voter registration and limit early and absentee voting opportunities, among other changes.

As he considered whether to answer Trump's latest affront to the judiciary on Tuesday, Roberts no doubt weighed how much he might provoke Trump.

Roberts plainly concluded it was time to defend judiciary's special role in America's democracy. The year-old chief was likely not surprised that within three hours, Trump fired back in two consecutive tweets:Social Analysis: Linking Faith and Justice [Joe Holland, S.


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Nov 21,  · Chief Justice John Roberts has watched, silently, as Donald Trump denigrated judges over the years, complaining about one because of his Mexican heritage, referring to . Apr 28,  · Analysis. Judging, on a hugely important constitutional issue, always brings out a deep, brooding contemplation in Supreme Court Justice Anthony M.

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