An analysis of slessors poetry

He fell off a ferry while drunk on May 14,and was dragged to the bottom of the harbour by the weight of the bottles of beer in his overcoat pocket. The fact that his death is now the most famous drowning in Sydney Harbour would have doubled his mortification.

An analysis of slessors poetry


I have so much to say but I will try to keep it brief, as every moment I think about this godforsaken book I lose the will to live. What, pray tell, the fuck.

I am so confused as to why this was included. It honestly boggles my mind that these sort of sentences went through the first few drafts, edits by the author, an editor, and a publisher, and yet still remained in the final copy. If this is what they kept, I genuinely never want to know what they edited out.

Where do I even begin? The long, never-ending paragraphs detailing the most absurd sexual conquests took up most of the novel. With these, Gail Jones put her utmost effort into scarring me for life.

These scenes, these descriptions were so…gross and unnecessary and had the same sexual appeal of a mouldy baguette. It was mainly 4 characters and their self-pitying moaning. Moaning on and on about their struggle of a life, their regrets, their 14 year old lovers….

Despite this crap, the whole book still seemed to be leading up to something, building. I thought that there must be something at the end to justify the previous pages of rubbish.

But, alas; just an underwhelming conclusion.

Kenneth Slessor’s poetry is distinctive because of its strong images Essay Sample

Just a lull conclusion. I mean, for a book that talks so deeply about sexual intercourse, it was barely able to reach a noticeable climax. Of course view spoiler [James did kill himself, hide spoiler ] but it happened in such a dull, uneventful way that instead of feeling any sort of empathy towards him, I instead found myself wishing he had done that on page 1 of the book.merits and demerits of electronic media essaysample dissertation powerpoint presentationLao Tzu the Founder of Taoisman analysis of on the road by jack kerouac.

custom dissertation ghostwriters sites ca essay christmas eve service Kenneth Slessors Poem, Sleep And The Concept Of Change. Beach Burial, Kenneth Slessor Poem, analysis and poetic techniques. Kenneth Slessor wrote the poem Beach Burial whilst he completed his occupation as the official Australian Correspondent in the Middle East.

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Due to Slessor's observations of the war at close quarters he . Alongside Slessor’s poem, Five Bells invokes Boris Pasternak’s novel Doctor Zhivago, placing it at the centre of Pei Xing’s family history – her father, a translator, worked for many years on a Chinese edition of the novel, a work that was both a source of pride and, later, the pretext for his torture and execution.

An analysis of slessors poetry

Poetry In the poem ‘South Country’ Kenneth Slessor adopts a cynical view of the Australian landscape through a series of imagery, with a judgemental tone. He takes the reader on a journey from the bushy bushland to the harsh desert. kenneth slessor essay: being a resource for students Uploaded by jezzrix on Nov 30, Kenneth Slessor wrote many poems such as ‘Beach Burial’, ‘William Street’ and ‘Country Towns’.

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An analysis of slessors poetry

DRAMA: Man of La Mancha by Dale Wasserman () Five Bells by Gail Jones () Inspired by Slessors poem about a journalist's death in Sydney Harbour, four people converge on Sydney’s iconic Opera House / generate new ideas Documents Similar To English Teacher's Association Related Texts.


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