An introduction to the issue of the wars in somali democratic republic

War and Poverty in Somalia Introduction Somalia is one of the least developed countries in the world.

An introduction to the issue of the wars in somali democratic republic

The Somali Democratic Republic lies on the east coast of Africa, with Ethiopia to the northwest and Kenya to the west.

An introduction to the issue of the wars in somali democratic republic

There is a short frontier with Djibouti. None of these borders has been formally accepted by Somalia.

Attempts at peace

Somalia has a generally arid and tropical climate, determined principally by the northeast and southwest monsoonal winds and transitional periods known as tangambilis. There are two wet seasons: Alternating with these wet seasons are two dry seasons, the jilal from December or January to March, dominated by hot, dry, dusty winds, and the hagaa, from the beginning of June to August.

The hagaa is the hottest season of the year when temperatures may soar to degrees F. The temperatures are moderated along the coast by cooling sea breezes.

The average mean temperatures are 85 to degrees F in the north and 65 to degrees F in the south.

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Most of the country receives less than 20 inches of rain annually, but some of the northern parts receive less than 2 inches.

Severe droughts are common.

An introduction to the issue of the wars in somali democratic republic

The inland plains, particularly the Hual, have little surface water except in seasonally filled basins. It has an estimated population ofThe other major urban centers are Merca 70,Hargeysa 50,Berbera 45,and Jowhar 20, Topographically, there are four natural divisions: In general there is only limited contrast among these regions.

The northern coastal plains, which stretch from the Gulf of Tadjoura along the Gulf of Aden into Mijirtein region, are known as the Guban burned land from its semiarid and parched condition.

Inland, this coastal strip gives way to the rugged mountain ranges that extend from Ethiopia to the tip of the Horn at Cape Guardafui, the easternmost point of Africa. The mountains descend to the south through a region, known as the Ogo, consisting of shallow plateau valleys, dry watercourses and broken mountains.

This region merges into an elevated plateau and then continues into Central Somalia as the Mudug Plain, whose eastern section is known as the Nugaal Valley.


This region merges imperceptibly in the vast tilting Haud Plateau, with an average elevation of meters in the center, itself a part of the larger Somali Plateau. The region between the Juba and Shebeli Rivers is low agricultural land; southwest of the Juba River to the Kenyan border is low pasture land.

The country has only two permanent rivers, the Juba and Shebeli, both originating in the Ethiopian Highland and flowing into the Indian Ocean. The Shebeli has a total length of 2, km. It runs parallel to, and north of, the Juba through southern Ogaden to Balad, about 30 km from the Indian Ocean, where it turns southwest and, after about km, disappears in a series of marshes and sandflats.The dictator Mohammed Siad Barre, who ruled the Somali Democratic Republic since , is forced to flee when the capital of Mogadishu is captured by rival clan militias.

A power struggle ensues. MONUC – United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo The First Congo War: October – May The post-Mobutu phase of the Congo’s history cannot be understood without factoring in neighboring countries, and the Rwandan genocide was the spark that lit the regional fire.

Since the DRC was freed from colonial rule in , violence of all sorts has erupted within the nation. Some say the violence which has occurred within the DRC is worse than that of the second World War.

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Since the chaotic war which commenced in , nearly million civilians have lost their lives. The Somali Democratic Republic (Somali: Jamhuuriyadda Dimuqraadiya Soomaaliya, Southern and central Ogaden were captured in the early stages of conflict and for most of the war, the Somali army scored continuous victories on the Ethiopian army and followed them as far as vetconnexx.coml: Mogadishu.

Conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Causes, impact and implications for the Great Lakes region tionately from rape, while children have . On 1 July , the independent Somali Democratic Republic, commonly known as Somalia, was formed out of former British and Italian territories, with Mogadishu as capital and Aden Abdullah Osman Daar as first president.

Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland, situated on the eastern coast of Africa and bordered by the Gulf of Aden .

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