Analysis of toy cars for heavy

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Analysis of toy cars for heavy

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Toy cars can go faster than a real car under the influence of gravity only: Toy cars faster than real cars Myth: Toy cars can go faster than a real car under the influence of gravity only.

In the first test setup, they created a mount that held a toy car on top of a modified belt sander.

Analysis of Toy Cars for Heavy Metal Content Essay | Heavy Metal on Parson's College

The toy car did fine with the sander at its top speed, but only then did they determine that the sander couldn't go any faster than 43 mph. To get up to higher speeds they decided to use a car tire in place of the belt sander.

After propping up one of their real cars against the side of the building, they were able to retry the experiment. This time one of the toy car wheels exploded at 35 mph.

Jamie inspected their mount and didn't like it -- he decided that the toy car wheel blew up because the mount was putting too much down pressure. They created a new mount that was basically a U-shape around the back and sides of the toy car, with nothing on top.

With the new mount, the toy car got up to 85mph before it flew out of the mount with a lot of bouncing up to that point. They inspected the toy car and found that it was still in good condition, which was good enough results to go forward.

Wind resistence of toy cars They also wanted to check the wind resistence of the toy cars to see what effect that would have on the max speed. The "wind tunnel" was a leaf blower hooked up to an upwards sloping clear plastic tube. The build team measured the speed at which the cars stayed suspended in the tube, which turned out to be between 73 mph and 76 mp depending on the model.

Custom toy cars The build team, Adam, and Jamie built their own toy cars to come up with faster models. Build team modified existing toy cars and give them better bodies, whereas Jamie and Adam both built car from scratch.

Adam's model was a lead brick -- according to Jamie, "That looks like it's built for killing children. They had a toy car ramp setup in the shop that they raced off with.

Adam's brick was the fastest of the bunch. The real test They need to find a sloped, straight quarter mile. Suprisingly, they could not find any in SF, so they instead decided to do their testing up in Tahoe.

The track became ' longer in the sun, which put large kinks in the track -- by actual testing time it was far from the straightest, smoothest track that it could have been. They also had another big problem -- when they tried to run toy cars down the track they kept on getting stuck on flying off far before the end of the track ft down.

They decided Under multiple tests, couldn't really get a car to go more than ft without flying off or stopping, so they shortened the track to ft.SparkNotes are the most helpful study guides around to literature, math, science, and more. Find sample tests, essay help, and translations of Shakespeare.

Cursor Modell was a German company making models of antique and modern German vehicles. It is best known for its plastic replicas of vehicles mainly of the era to about , produced for, and sold in, the Daimler-Benz museum in Stuttgart (Sinclair's ,4).

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The plan focuses on the company’s growth strategy, suggesting ways in which it can build on existing customer relationships, and on the develop-. Analysis of Toy Cars for Heavy Metal Content Essay on toy cars by means of ICP Adele van As, University of the Free State, 4 August ABSTRACT The aim of this study was firstly to determine if any heavy metals were present in the paint used on toy cars, and secondly to determine what other elements, and in which quantities.

Analysis of toy cars for heavy
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