Business plan competition presentation ppt free

In the absence of MNP, customers have to give up their number and must adopt a new one when they switch operators. As a result, customers face switching costs associated with informing people about changing their number, printing new business cards, missing valuable calls from people that do not have the new number, etc. Based on these considerations, many regulatory authorities have imposed mandatory MNP-or are about to require its introduction-so as to reduce customers' switching costs, attempting to make mobile telecommunications more competitive.

Business plan competition presentation ppt free

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What should I send investors? An introduction and elevator pitch are critical to getting a meeting. If you like this article, check out our free e-book on Pitching.

Read What should I send investors? Elevator Pitch for tips on crafting an elevator pitch.

business plan competition presentation ppt free

Many investors will just skim a deck and take a meeting if the introduction and elevator pitch are good. But you can still send a deck. A deck lets investors learn more about your company.

And you need one for presentations anyway. There are other templates from excellent sources on the Web, but this is the best. Summarize the key, compelling facts of the company. You can steal the content from your elevator pitch.

Highlight the past accomplishments of the team; if your team has been successful before, investors may believe it will be successful again.

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Include a demo such as a screencast, a link to working software, or pictures. God help you if you have nothing to show. Include market size estimates here or in the Problem.

Ignore the cost of customer acquisition unless you have some insight into the issue. Describe any competitive advantages that remain after the competition decides to copy you exactly. Instead, include your current status and milestones for the next quarters for product, team, marketing, sales, and quarterly and cumulative burn.

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This slide can be inspirational, a larger vision of what the company could do if these current plans are realized, or a rehash of the Summary slide. Dates, amounts, and sources of money raised. How much money are you raising in this round? These slides tell a story.

This sequence of slides tells a story: We have a mission and a team that is taking us there. We discovered a large problem and solved it with a product that has this amazing technology inside.

In conclusion, this financing is a great investment opportunity. Fortunately, the elevator pitch and Summary slide kill the suspense by summarizing your company and product before an investor jumps into the deck.

Put pictures in the slides and text in the notes. Keep the slides simple, visual, and minimal, with 30 point or larger font. Put talking points, reasoning, and prose in the notes that accompany each slide. Email a PDF that combines each slide and its notes on a single page; slide on top, notes on bottom.

You now have a single file for emails and live presentations. An investor can read the slides and notes together and imagine a presentation. And you can present the slides while you refer to the notes. Business plans, NDAs, and Traction.

Part 3 for suggestions on sending business plans, asking for NDAs, and what investors care about most. Got a question for us?Business plan presentation. Design your own business plan with this template and outline; included are slides for mission, market summary, and concept.

The background is a stock chart. Download predesigned PowerPoint templates, PPT slides designs, PPT themes, PowerPoint slides templates, Slide PPT backgrounds, themes presentation, and PPT model for creating stunning business presentations.

business plan competition presentation ppt free

Tell old and new clients that Extension offers: research-based education and practical solutions to complex problems, for free or at an affordable cost, in their own . To give the ultimate business presentation, you need to get your hands on a good Microsoft PowerPoint template.

Here we’ve put together some of the best business plan templates that you can find. Most of them are fully editable and can be adapted to your specific needs.

So that the marketing plan PPT will make a major contribution to your success. to support the business plan, there is a business planning guide in asking questions, including the current markets, buyers preference, product uniqueness, competition, and there are still a few more.

The Bakery Business Plan Heather Haeusler, Whitney Block, Nicole Greenbank, & Andrew Spencer. Balance Sheet as of December 31, Assets Liabilities Current Assets Current Liabilities Total Current Assets Total Current Liabilities Long Term Assets Long Term Liabilities Total Long Term Assets Total Long Term Liabilities Owner Equity Total Owner Equity Total.

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