Business plan template for social enterprise

Video resources Why do you need a business plan? What to include in your business plan When you are writing your first business plan you should aim to answer the following questions:

Business plan template for social enterprise

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Description of venture criteria Social criteria for a job creation social enterprise Barriers to employment for target population s Skills that target population s must be able to learn on the job Required terms of employment Required work conditions [Define the target population s.

What barrier s to employment will the target population have when they first enter? How important are each of the barriers to the social mission of the enterprise? What, if any, are the posttransitional employment goals?

How long will they stay? How much will they make? What benefits will they receive? What, if any, opportunities for promotion will exist? What time of day? This may need to be repeated for each product or service if in different industries Industry analysis We analyse the industry using Porter s five forces: Supplier power is high when: Do they threaten your market?

Summary Barriers to entry Barriers to entry include: Describe categories of competitors and discuss how they can be addressed. Rivalry is intense when excess capacity exists Substitutes Overview Buyer power Overview Substitutes pose a threat when: Many similar or substitute products exist Switching is easy for users Value of product does not justify price when lower priced alternatives exist Buyer power is a threat when: There are few customers Buyers are well informed about competitors products or services and these are readily available Switching costs are low Customers can provide the services themselves Competition is on a cost basis Many competitors are not profitable 2.

Description of target market Note: This may need to be repeated for each product or service! Geography How large are they?

business plan template for social enterprise

Who makes the purchase decisions how much power do purchasers have? How are their businesses doing? Psychographic profile Behavior profile What are the values of your customers? What is the risk profile of your customers?

How important is status to your customers? When and why do customers use your product How frequently do they use your product? Do your customers care about brand? What is the customer s attitude towards your product or service?

Buying sensitivities What is most important to your customer? Strategy Goal Scope Competitive advantage Logic Scale [Long-term goal towards which strategy is directed] [Definition of product, market, technology] [How will we compete] [Why it will work] [Potential optimal company size e.

Enterprise s ability to achieve venture criteria Social criteria [Why is agency able to achieve social criteria? Description of day-to-day operations Working hours Purchasing Installations Supervision Training Planning and scheduling Job placement Support Order fulfilment and customer service Facilities Supply and inventory management Capacity Distribution Productivity goals and measurement 4.

New technology needed e. How will the website be designed? Integrated with agency website? Link to sales management system? What features does enterprise need? What database to use? How will it be rolled out, integrated, trained etc?Social business, or social enterprise, is an emerging concept worldwide that is attracting increasing interest as a way to apply business approaches to social challenges.

As it is a relatively unknown concept, there is a need for practical tools that raise. In the UK, the social enterprise sector is very strong and there is has been a deliberate strategy to find different funding and support systems for them – but also because in many cases social services are outsourced to social enterprises.

Business plan template 84 Development Acknowledgements Individual social entrepreneurs who are aiming to set up a business for a social purpose. that you will require to prepare a business plan for your social a business plan will be important if you are looking for investment and/or support to start your social.

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1. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION Enterprise and agency overview. Just choose a business plan template and download it. Open it in Word or Excel (or another program that can display the DOC or XLS format), edit it, and print your personalized business plan. Also available: more free printables including contract templates and business forms.

Proposed Social Enterprise Business Plan Community Partner: Crossroads Rhode Island Data gathering template Social enterprise, and specifically waste stream diversion, is a win-win for everyone. In regard to the environment, reusing, recycling or.

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