Country living versus city living essays

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Country living versus city living essays

Improve education Improve communication with and accountability of local and provincial government structures Focus on skills development programmes Country living versus city living essays the youth an adult-education for the older members of the community to increase the employability of community members Build more clinics and schools Soweto on SeaUrban, Informal Area Reduce unemployment Reduce crime Improve health services The provision of employment opportunities is viewed as a solution to solve socio-economic problems, particularly crime Build a clinic, appoint a doctor and make an ambulance service available in the area Figure 1: Provincial self-assessed community needs and proposed interventions General discussion on the findings Respondents' listed community priorities are key indicators of community needs.

The most commonly listed community priorities across all provinces were: Another consideration to be made is that women and children are often the most vulnerable groups in society with respect to the impact of poverty. Therefore, they were herewith targeted for investigation as a central cross-cutting theme in themselves.

The types of housing varied across all visited communities. The most common form of housing in both urban and rural areas were RDP -supplied houses [ 7 ]. In some of the rural areas, traditional huts built using mud-bricks and locally available materials were also common.

Poor housing quality The bulk of the opinions concerning the quality of housing focused on RDP houses. Nevertheless, two communities in KwaZulu Natal commented on the general poor quality of traditional housing also as well as the degradation of inner-city housing.

RDP houses specifically appear to be poorly regarded, with complaints focused on the cheap quality of the materials used, the inability of housing to withstand inclement or extreme weather conditions and the small size of the houses. Complaints about the quality of the housing concerned also reports of "thin walls", made of one line of bricks; the houses comprising one-to-two rooms only, leading to overcrowding; housing foundations not being adequately developed; little cement being used on the walls and insecure roves that vibrate on windy days.

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Quantity of housing Communities in all three provinces, and across both urban and rural areas, complained about the general lack of housing in their areas as well as the lack of space to contain their existing households.

Reports of large numbers of people sharing a confined space e. In Limpopo, there was evidence of households extending their existing dwellings either RDP houses or traditional huts by adding on additional rooms or by building shacks on their stands.

These houses usually comprised one room and a bathroom and, with households often comprising eight people, conditions of overcrowding were clearly reported.

The housing allocation process In both the Eastern Cape and Limpopo, participants in the study reported unfair practices in the housing allocation process, complaining about corruption, nepotism and, in the Eastern Cape particularly, about preference being granted to people who moved into their area from other areas.

It is also possible that some of the dissatisfaction expressed about the housing allocation process may emanate from inadequate communication and information about the housing allocation process.

Other research has shown that people on waiting lists for RDP homes do perceive corruption as a problem slowing the allocation process.

Country living versus city living essays

Richards et al, Unemployment, food scarcity and poor education The study highlighted the linkage between unemployment, inadequate education and food insecurity.

Food security was expressed as a serious issue in almost all of the communities profiled. Most respondents identified food insecurity as being the result of unemployment and a lack of land and resources available to households to make a living and grow their own crops.

Interestingly, respondents' perceptions of unemployment in their own areas suggested that this was a more serious problem than indicated by census figures. For example in the Eastern Cape, respondents reported that in many of their communities, unemployment was as high as percent.

In most cases, especially in rural areas, there were very few formal employment opportunities. The effects of a lack of formal income were felt most severely by women and children of course. Women resorted to begging and doing 'piecework' such as washing clothes or doing housework for neighbours.

Reliance on social capital resources was sometimes the last resort. Friends, relatives and neighbours sometimes shared food with the families which did not have any.

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In some communities, reliance on social capital as a means of survival was easier than in others. The Zanzibari community in Chatsworth, Durban, for example, is a particularly close-knit community with a strong civic culture.

Sharing and caring for other community members was here the underlying ethic, as highlighted in the following statement made by a community member: For example in the densely settled inner city residential area of Albert Park in Durban, respondents reported that one of the main ways in which people earn a living is through crime, including drug peddling.

This activity was reportedly prevalent among illegal foreigners who, being unable to obtain work-permits, are forced into such illegal activities. Children were sometimes forced to earn a living also for their families, with the consequence that they had to give up school or did not have the time and energy to focus on their studies.

Activities included seasonal farm work. Some respondents also reported that young girls become pregnant in order to access the Child Support Grant, although this was not widely reported [ 8 ].

The selling of harvested wood in rural areas has been reported as another means of earning a living, as was the selling of Mopani worms Limpopo. Reliance on government grants as well as food parcels from the Department of Social Development was also frequently cited as a main means of survival for people living in both rural and urban areas.

Country living versus city living essays

In the Eastern Cape, respondents noted that a small number of people who were employed tend to work as domestic workers and gardeners. A number of communities noted that public works programmes were also a key source of income. Some communities, particularly in KwaZulu-Natal, indicated that, with the proper level of support, they would be able to sustain themselves through subsistence agriculture.

Access to adequate education Specifically access to adequate education was another key issue which respondents from all areas identified as an impediment to find jobs and lift them from poverty. In general, the quality of education varied widely both between and within communities.Introduction Though perhaps best known throughout the world for his science fiction, Isaac Asimov was also regarded as one of the great explainers of science.

Category: Compare Contrast City Country Essays; Title: Living in the City vs. Living in the Country. My Account. Living in the City vs. Living in the Country. Living in the City vs. Living in the Country. - City Life Versus Country Life Imagine having to choose to reside in one place for the rest of your life.

Which would you opt for. Abstract While South Africa's macro-economic policies are shifting the country onto a higher growth path in GDP, the challenge remains to improve the lives of people who have not experienced the benefits of the economic boom in recent years..

This study was designed to give a voice to ordinary South Africans living in impoverished areas to identify their most important community needs and how.

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