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This assignment may focus on a painting, a novel, a movie, or reliable. Sometimes you may also write a critique of a media item.

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The main aim of this assignment is to provide the evaluation of the general usefulness of the considered work. First of all, check your prompt. You have to understand your instructions and the type of work. You have to read it carefully, taking notes about everything that seems useful for your critique.

We suggest noting answers to a few important questions: This question is important to evaluate the success of the work.

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For example, adult readers may not fully appreciate a book written for young children. Have you learned something new from it? Did the essay writer state his or her point clearly? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

What were your reactions to this book or article? Is it associated with any sort of emotions? Along with a quick analysis of the work, you also need to do a little research.

In this case, you have to understand this context and provide your readers with the necessary background information. In order to use only verified and reliable sources, search for information in Google Scholar, or your school library.

Write an Introduction To start with, provide some basic information about the work: After this, introduce your readers to a general context of the work. You need to describe issues that pushed the author to create this work.

Sometimes you may need to explain the historical situation this book or article was written in. When considering a news article, focus on the political and social context of the media source e.

After this, describe its main points. reliable

The main thought of the work is not always expressed literally — it may be presented in a form of symbolism. Write the Body of Your Critique First of all, you have to organize your points. You need to write your critique in three paragraphs, devoting one paragraph to one important argument of your evaluation.

In case of the scientific work, describe methods of collecting the data. In case of a media item, you may need to focus on used evidence and arguments, evaluating them in terms of logic and reliability.

Finally, express your opinion on the contribution of this work to the topic. Discuss its original ideas and its influence on the culture or some genre of art. Write Your Conclusion The conclusion is the last paragraph of your work, and it must provide readers with your general assessment of the work.

You must clarify whether or not the author accomplished his or her goals successfully, and how it was Proudly Introduces Several Discount Programs For Its Customers.

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Write an Introduction

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