Hallmark reading writing and romance 2014 jeep

In defense of SPF In fact, I almost feel empathetic toward Alex Israel, the film now hitting Netflix is going to result in a barrage of negative reviews and some really amazing negative reviews like the one above mine.

Hallmark reading writing and romance 2014 jeep

My curiosity piqued by the way in which the tone of the memoir triggered my indignance and frustration, I continued reading in hopes that doing so would reveal something profound regarding my visceral response to the words that appeared before me.

What I've concluded is that I might be something of a fool for putting myself in the uncomfortable position of providing an honest critique of an extremely egocentric account of one woman's ambition to attain liberation through enlightenment. In spite of the blessings of an admittedly charmed life, growing up in a supportive and loving home amid ample resources and opportunity, Ms.

hallmark reading writing and romance 2014 jeep

Doumani felt an overwhelming and pervasive sense of discontentment throughout her childhood, adolescence and early adulthood, believing that she was never good enough and that her life lacked meaning.

Recounting her early years, she emphasizes how challenging it was to not fit in with her peers at school while her teachers seemed unable to accommodate her specialness, behaving awkwardly upon learning of her IQ while refusing to allow her to merge with "flow" during in-class assignments.

Doumani explains of her first three decades. Doumani visited a bookstore one day in search of escape but found herself inexplicably drawn to a particular work of Buddhist literature.

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Upon settling in to read after experiencing a bit of avoidance, she noticed that a continual stream of mind-chatter had always kept her from residing within the present moment.

From that time, she adopted a personal mindfulness practice and, not long after, was fortunate to discover her teacher, Luang Pu, within a forest cave in Thailand, upon whose guidance she continues to rely.

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Especially within the beginning chapters, Ms. Doumani spends an extraordinary amount of time discussing, what appears rather pretentiously, her beauty, her IQ and her family's privilege as well as the depth of her compassion; and, on several occasions, she elaborates upon the way in which she is able to bring a smile to hallmark reading writing and romance 2014 jeep faces of those who are fortunate enough to encounter her amid the workday as well as off-the-clock.

Given that she notes, rather defensively, the potential of subjecting herself to the judgements of her readers and their opinions "trying to rattle" her, I can't help but to wonder if she is aware at some level of her rather heightened sense of self.

In addition, A Spacious Life tends toward the melodramatic as Ms. Doumani recounts her relationships with the Italian, the Businessman and the Fighter as well as a few anecdotes beyond those associated with her romantic entanglements.

Most notably, her framing of a common gynecological procedure as coming face-to-face with death lost its poignance in light of the fact that abnormal paps fall well within the realm of so many women's experience and are generally faced with infinitely more grace and resilience.

All the while, the challenges of schoolyard teasing and influenza are approached with a similar sense of tragedy. Doumani begins to discuss the tenets of Buddhism and mindful approaches to daily living, things begin to look up as she does possess quite a good handle on the teachings -- while appearing suitably impressed by her knowledge, to boot.

If truth be told, I wish I hadn't picked up Ms. Doumani's memoir as there is enough human failing within the spiritual community without her contribution.

That being said, I do appreciate an honest admission of one's stumbling and faltering along the path as this usually cultivates a sense of connection and universal understanding; yet, her lack of humility was so off-putting that I felt alienated instead.

Her tendency toward overestimating her misfortune while others make peace with circumstances far more dire stripped a little of the tenderness from my perspective.

However, if nothing else, A Spacious Life does serve as a reminder that all of us on the path are blinded by delusion to some degree, perhaps most notably those who view themselves as more evolved than the rest.

hallmark reading writing and romance 2014 jeep

The Amazing Journey of an African Wildlife Adventurer is a memoir of James Currie's experiences as a game ranger and birder in Africa, in which he tells of many a narrow escape from the jaws of death, whether they be those a puff adder that literally catches him with his pants down, or those of a lioness charging him while out birding.

Each chapter in When Eagles Roar is prefaced by a few lines of poetry from the renowned Zulu poet, Mazisi Kunene, whose literary goal was the retelling of African history in a way that he believed would make it relevant and authentic to the non-African. In such a way does Currie, with the assistance of Bonnie Fladung, share the wonders of life in the bush including a great deal more than just the Big Five with those of us who have only limited awareness of what such a life entails.

Currie prides himself on his ability to tell stories well, which he certainly does. His acute awareness of both the dangers and the lyricism of the African bush comes alive in these pages, which are illustrated with many an artful line drawing by Margo Damian.

The threats to which those living in Africa are subject not only come from the never-ending cycle of predator and prey, of which humans form an inevitable, and largely dominant, part, but also from the onslaught of one of the most deadly of modern-day scourges, AIDS.

Currie's solid bond with his trackers, who come from the local African communities, is made heartbreakingly real in his telling of how they and their families are affected by this dread disease.

His ability to make close connections with them can, to a large extent, be attributed to his knowledge of their native isiZulu language. Although Currie does not dwell on politics, one is made aware of his opposition to the apartheid regime of yesteryear, which has left so much poverty in its wake, to which the country as a whole is still subject, in the form of its depredatory legacy.

This book is likely to have widespread appeal to both old and young, and should especially be made available to youngsters who are intent on choosing a worthwhile career path for themselves. However, those who are prurient of mind should be aware that they might find some of the wording in When Eagles Roar offensive, as this is a tale that does not pander to the euphemistically inclined, but which is rather one of nitty-gritty existence in the bush, despite much of it revolving around the trials and tribulations of a game ranger living on the five-star Phinda Game Reserve in the more rural areas of northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

In short, this memoir roars with the pulsating life of Africa, which, although under threat, nevertheless has a magic all of its own.

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The humanitarian nature of this work gives it a power that transcends the individual magnetism of the author, with it having a transcontinental appeal that should prove a true draw card worldwide not only among conservationists, but also among all those who are intrigued by other life forms that hopefully will continue to share our planet for eons yet to come.

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