How to write and symbol in html

More information Insert an ASCII or Unicode character into a document If you only have to enter a few special characters or symbols, you can use the Character Map or type keyboard shortcuts.

How to write and symbol in html

If not, any suggestions? Computer books often refer to as the "at sign". Anyone who ever made or cut a strudel would agree th "strudel" is least as appropri e a name as "at sign". Roy Sage roysage msn.

HTML entity codes of Special Text characters

Because it looks like a monkey with his tail curled over him. Martin Southwold martinso worldonline. Nyk Tarr, Rochdale, Lancs. In German it is called Klammerraffea clinging monkey - presumably hanging from a tree by one arm. Since animals seem to predominate, could I suggest the British term should be a mad cow rampant?

Professor Richard Macrory, Tackley, Oxford. IT IS called an "atmark". Its use in internet addresses has led to the production of a computer intended for accessing the World Wide Web called the Atmark computer. This naming predates the use of by electronic mail systems the world over, and sadly produces many ambiguities when mail addresses are dictated over the phone.

The name for should be "nerd". This makes my email address, read over the phone, into "cassidys nerd cix dot compulink dot co dot uck". Michael Wrigley, Campinas, Brazil.

How to Type the Cent Symbol on Your Computer |

Geoffrey Allen, Pavia, Italy. Stephen Ryan, Dublin sryan dit. Chris Winchester, London In Hungary, the symbol is called "kukatsz", which means little worm. I seem to remember that it appeared on cheques at one time.

how to write and symbol in html

It seems a more likely explanation than "at". After all, why would anyone want to abbreviate a two letter word? I remember it on signs in shop windows when I was a child in the early 60s e. Cabbages 3d, and on similarly on bills. Anne Lane, Greenwich In Czech, it is called "zavinac" which means a rolled pickled herring.

Henry Wolny, London The French have a word for it: Quite an achievement in a country where hardly anyone knows or cares about the word for "ampersand".

Joan Diez, Amposta, Catalonia How about calling it "letter a with a curly tail"?Write HTML Using Notepad or TextEdit. Web pages can be created and modified by using professional HTML editors. However, for learning HTML we recommend a simple text editor like Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac).

Open the Start Screen (the window symbol at the bottom left on your screen). Type Notepad. Copyright Symbol webpage is to help anyone searching for information about the Copyright-C symbol (which is the Circle (C)).

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HTML Codes - Table for easy reference of ascii characters and symbols in HTML format. With indication of browser support.

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Note that you must actually save the file .txt,.html) using the proper encoding; the HTML "Content-Type" tag will not change the encoding of file (for example) saved as ANSI* to (for example) a document with Unicode encoding.

HTML Entities for symbols, mathematical symbols, and Greek letters. These entities were taken directly from the HTML specification.

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