Keyboarding job essay

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Keyboarding job essay

Apply Now Request Info In the past, high school teachers prepared students for the business world by ensuring that they were capable of handwriting letters through the use of cursive and print.

As technology gave way to typewriters, teachers began to prepare students for careers by teaching them to properly type letters on typewriters. Today, technology has led to the use of computers in nearly every business industry. With the widespread use of computers, it has become a necessity for young adults to know how to properly use this technology, including the proper use of the keyboard.

Keyboarding is an invaluable skill among those in the workforce, as it is used to type business correspondences, e-mails, and memos, track expenses, and create websites.

Keyboarding, however, is also an extremely important skill to have in college. Typing is necessary for college reports, research, e-mailing professors and classmates, and even note-taking. While most high school and college-aged students in today's world know how to operate computers and type, many may not know the proper techniques and finger strokes for maximum typing speed and accuracy.

Following proper keyboarding technique can not only increase speed and accuracy, but prevent injuries and strains related to the repetitive and time-consuming typing that every college student experiences.

Introduction to Keyboarding The first step to learning proper keyboarding technique is to understand the layout of the keyboard itself. The "shift" key is also a popular key among the basic letters and numbers in this keyboard format. Holding the shift key in combination with keys that have two functions allows a person to easily type related punctuation.

For instance, a person can type a semicolon with one stroke and then with the use of the "shift" key and the same semicolon key, type a colon. Once a person is familiar with the basic keyboard layout, it is time to focus on the proper typing technique. Before beginning, feet should be flat on the floor, the back straight against the chair with forearms slanted at the keyboard.

The typist should keep their fingers curved and upright with their left-hand fingers on the asdf keys, right hand fingers on the jkl; keys and both thumbs resting on the space bar key.

Their eyes should be focusing on the information they are to type. This may mean they are looking directly at the computer screen or to the side where a paper copy or book is located, but not directly at the keyboard or their hands.The Importance of Keyboarding.

Like anything in life, practice makes perfect. I am sure that you have heard that saying before. There is great truth to this fact. If you want to achieve anything in life, you will need to commit yourself to daily practice.

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Keyboarding job essay

Keyboarding Jobs, Employment | Skip to Job Postings, Search Close. In today’s society, typing is the key to getting a great job.

Most jobs require some degree of computer work, and knowing how to type quickly and efficiently will make you more marketable than your fellow worker who simply “finger pecks” at the keyboard.

Current Practices of Keyboarding in the Elementary School Essay - In the not too distant past keyboarding, or touch-typing, was a skill learned by those pursuing a career in business. College bound students would use keyboarding for those required college papers, but soon after graduation forget it.

The Importance of Keyboarding – I Rebecca Bailey I Educational Technology I