Kodak vs fugi

Ergonomically, this all just makes sense on top of the leatherette wrapping all around the body. The top of the Olympus Pen F is laden with dials and a few buttons. This very much feels like and looks like a grown up Pen camera.

Kodak vs fugi

And what difference does changing my exposure make? Our overall objective was to help photographers see the benefit of exposing their images well and avoiding underexposure, and to Kodak vs fugi give you a feel for the look of the different film stocks.

All film was developed normally, with no push or pull processing. Full information on the metering technique used is at the bottom of this article. In each case you can click on the image to see a full size version. This next shot is a great way to see the hugely important role that good exposure plays in the final look of your images.

Here we have Fuji H shot at 2 stops under box speed, and 2 stops over box speed: We thought you might also like to see how each of the film stocks in our experiment, react to different exposures.

And for the grand finale, ultra film geek experience…we shot a few other exposures too, ranging from 3 under to 4 over, for Fuji H, PortraPortra and Portra So, how did we do it?

We wanted the comparison to be as direct as possible without getting into full blown controlled experiment territory! Where possible we kept our aperture at 2.

We spot metered using an external light meter. Our main aim was to correct the images as necessary in the scan and edit to create a neutral and pleasing skin tone. These lighting conditions are pretty much ideal, and the detrimental effects of underexposure in less than ideal light would be much worse than this.

Another significant disadvantage of underexposing your images is that the results become more variable. Mixing exposures across your scene will also result in differences in your final image, and so despite the good latitude of film in good light, accurate and consistent metering is still highly desirable in terms of your final results.

The lowdown on overexposure Additional exposure will create a denser negative.

Kodak vs fugi

And in full direct sun for example, you would definitely risk losing detail at the top end of the exposure range. In this type of lighting our general recommendation would be for 2 stops of overexposure for optimum results.

Kodak vs fugi

These are all excellent quality pro films that when exposed and handled correctly by the photographer and lab, give excellent results. All images were shot by Christian with Erica modelling yes, I have a very spooky knack for standing and smiling in exactly the same way over 32 shots!Essa consulta é limitada a registros.

Para consultas mais específicas, selecione os critérios abaixo. Dec 05,  · Given that Kodak has pretty much pushed Fuji out of the "Professional" (portrait) C film business, based entirely on technical innovation in the Portra films, I .

Warning: This will be a longer and more in-depth post. But in the age of paid-for reviews, I felt frustrated by the lack of perspective on the “what camera should I buy” and “why mirrorless. vetconnexx.com: Fujifilm FinePix S MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black) (OLD MODEL): Point And Shoot Digital Cameras: Camera & Photo. However, Kodak was the first company to create the world’s first digital camera in , and its cameras were, in fact, better than Canon’s or Sony’s in the 90s. This shows that the company does have the ability to innovate and create a new need.

So when it broke, I looked on the Walmart website to see if I could get the same camera. This camera is a newer version (more pixels) of my several year's old camera and it has all the standard, basic features of a digital camera.

Kodak vs Fugi Essay Assignment 1: Kodak and Fujifilm By: Rufus Wilson Bus Dr. Gina Zaffino 2/3/ Kodak vs.

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Fujifilm/Management Concepts Kodak and Fujifilm Rufus Wilson Dr. Gina Zaffino Bus 2/02/ Kodak, also known as Eastman Kodak was founded in the 's by George Eastman and is currently based out of Rochester, NY.

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