Rgc-fulbright hong kong dissertation research programme

BSc Business and Management I chose Hong Kong as my base to pursue my degree because of its similarities in culture and closeness in geography to home, and am delighted to say that the facilities and convenient location of the campus and the quality and dedication of my teachers have all convinced me that I have made the right choice! There are many intraschool activities made available to us, including job seminars, counselling and workshops to help guide and prepare us for the working world. I would highly recommend HKU Space for anyone wanting to experience and live 'Hong Kong', it is a wonderful school; my education feels very much supported and well-rounded, and I am looking forward to learning and developing as a person in my years here.

Rgc-fulbright hong kong dissertation research programme

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Rgc-fulbright hong kong dissertation research programme

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Please send to us at address below, and we will add a biography section to your page. It could also hold jpeg or gif images. If not, you cannot use it with publishers.Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) /12 Awardee RGC-Fulbright Hong Kong Dissertation Research Programme (Junior Programme) /13 Scholar 8th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Prize Awardee (August ).

A total of 56 research postgraduate students of various disciplines will receive awards on December 9, (Monday) at the Award Presentation Ceremony of .

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In addition, 48 awardees have received other prizes, such as Hong Kong PhD Fellowships, the Doris Zimmern HKU-Cambridge Hughes Hall Scholarships, RGC-Fulbright Hong Kong Dissertation Research Programme Fellowships and Three Minute Thesis Competition Awards are also invited to attend the ceremony.

Dr Janet Yuen-Ha Wong, RN, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the School of Nursing of the University of Hong Kong. She received her PhD at the University of Hong vetconnexx.com her PhD study, she had been awarded Fulbright visiting scholarship (–) affiliated with University of Virginia in the United States..

Her principal research area lies in intimate partner violence (IPV). Hong Kong is one of the world’s financial center, a hub of cultural diversity in Asia and well-known for its top ranked universities. Hong Kong and HKUST give me the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the globe, to experience the rich culture in HK and at the same time to broaden my academic training.

The U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong and Macau and the Research Grants Council are pleased to invite young scholars enrolled in PhD programs at UGC-funded institutions in Hong Kong to apply for the Fulbright-RGC Hong Kong Research Scholar Awards to conduct research in the United States.

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