The moon landing conspiracy theory

Is the government hiding Martians in Area 51? Is global warming a hoax?

The moon landing conspiracy theory

The American flag appears to wave in the lunar wind. This effect, which was done purposely as to not allow the flag to just hang flat, it was created by inserting a stiff wire into the fabric.

The Moon Landings Were Faked

The "flutter" was created as the astronauts worked to erect the flag. As the wire was adjusted, "Old Glory" appeared to wave. Slide 3 of 19 Photo Credit: If the astronauts had left the safety of the Van Allen Belt the radiation would have killed them. The belts collects this radiation, and traps it in a layer surrounding the Earth.

The moon landing conspiracy theory

But unless you deliberately caused your spaceship to hover within this layer, for many hours or days, the radiation exposure is well below dangerous levels. The Apollo astronauts passed through the belts in less than four hours total for the trip.

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Slide 5 of 19 Photo Credit: Multiple-angle shadows in the moon photos prove there was more than one source of light, like a large studio lamp. The astronauts were taking their photos on a hilly, brightly-lit landscape while the sun was close to the horizon.

The moon landing conspiracy theory

Imagine taking a photograph of someone on a rolling, uneven field of snow during a full, low-hanging moon. The contours of the ground would produce shadows of many different lengths.

Slide 7 of 19 Photo Credit: Bill Wood Slide 8 of See the top 10 Apollo moon hoax claims and the science that debunks them. Apollo Moon Landing Hoax Theories That Won't Die NASA Apollo moon missions really did land 12 astronauts on the lunar surface in the s and s, but that hasn't stopped conspiracy theories from flying.

But the key thing to do when presented with new questions and theories surrounding the Moon landings is to ask questions, think about logical explanations, and do your homework.

There are vast swathes of archive material out there about all of NASA’s missions past . In order to understand the theories, it is first essential to answer the fundamental question: Why?

Faking a moon landing is not a trivial matter; it not only requires massive resources, and technical prowess, but also the trust of a large number of people who would be involved in the moon landing conspiracy.

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The videos in this collection examine the Moon landing conspiracy theories and highlight the opposing evidence, which proves astronauts really did walk on the Moon. Photo: Buzz Aldrin on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Conspiracy theorists say the shadows in this photo, and others like it, .

Dec 28,  · Conspiracy theorists have pointed out that when the first moon landing was shown on live television, viewers could clearly see the American flag waving and fluttering as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted it.

Moon Landing Faked!!!—Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories. New psychological research helps explain why some see intricate government conspiracies .

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