The thesis of the book the real lincoln

Main Page Sitemap The thesis of the book the real lincoln depth and slower kids and even learning disabled students benefit from hearing one concept explained in different. Hence, in contradistinction to materialism, the active side was developed abstractly by idealism which, of course, does not know real, sensuous activity as such.

The thesis of the book the real lincoln

Oct 23, Jim rated it did not like it Eleven chapters of, how shall I put this mildly, bovine waste. This book was urged upon my by one who found it compelling. Finally, after a century and a half of myth-based pseudo-history propping up the image of "King Lincoln", he told me, comes Thomas J.

DiLorenzo, an economist with a book exposing the "truth" about not-so-honest Abe. I'll admit to skepticism. Whenever I'm faced with a conflict between mainstream and fringe, Eleven chapters of, how shall I put this mildly, bovine waste.

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Whenever I'm faced with a conflict between mainstream and fringe, the burden of proof is on fringe to convince me that the mainstream is incorrect. It can be done. But when common sense and logic side with the mainstream, it is difficult - as I think that it should be - to convince me that the mainstream is wrong.

I felt it was highly unlikely that DiLorenzo could shift my viewpoint. Time passed but the comments kept coming. You might be surprised how often our sixteenth president can make it into everyday conversation. The comments traced the roots of America's generally bad state of nearly everything to Abraham Lincoln.

And the source backing the comments was Thomas DiLorenzo. I saw an advertisement alongside an article that I was reading on a news site - I don't recall ever having paid attention to one before.

The advertisement was for a book by Dennis W. Brandt called Shattering the Truth: The Slandering of Abraham Lincoln. I went to Amazon and pulled up a copy of Brandt's book and previewed the Preface. Lo and behold Brandt was talking about DiLorenzo. And his book was a direct reply to DiLorenzo's works, including The Real Lincoln, and seemed to be a document-based, irrefutable, refutation.

Brandt, I suspected, had taken the time to do the work necessary to prove the truth of the mainstream in opposition to the fringe. I ordered it immediately. I knew that I would read The Real Lincoln and Shattering the Truth together but, hoping to keep as open a mind as possible under the circumstances, I decided to read DiLorenzo first and Brandt second, instead of reading them side by side.

Even without Brandt's help, I found DiLorenzo unconvincing.

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Throughout The Real Lincoln, DiLorenzo discounts any historian who disagrees with him and lauds those who agree. He takes some bits and pieces from original sources and cuts and pastes them out of context.

He alternately holds Lincoln to modern racial sensibilities and downplays the evils of slavery as irrelevant to the cause - or even a cause - of the Civil War. And, most glaringly, he writes from an absolutist standpoint. There is no room for nuance and no shades of gray.

And there is certainly no room for historical context. DiLorenzo's logic is often faulty but, at times, his points sound convincing.

The thesis of the book the real lincoln

Many such points, however, rely on assumptions without footnotes or any other proof. But, as Brandt points out, even if the assumptions were footnoted, DiLorenzo's use of sources isn't always or even often reliable.

DiLorenzo uses The Real Lincoln as part of his broader effort to trash the image of Lincoln for refusing to allow the Confederacy to secede, for doing so not to save the Union but to consolidate absolute power and riches in the hands of a few and oppress the God-given liberties of all Americans.

In a vacuum and unchecked, I fear, DiLorenzo's efforts could succeed. Thankfully, we don't live in a vacuum. Check DiLorenzo's sources, and check his sources' sources. Or, if you don't have time, as I didn't, feel free to consult Shattering the Truth. Dennis Brandt has done yeoman's work for us all.

But if you want that different view to be honest, accurate, or based in reality - as I think something with the word "real" in its title should be, look elsewhere - almost anywhere elsewhere would be better.Dec 20,  · The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War - Thomas DiLorenzo An honest look at Abe: Abraham Lincoln is usually regarded as a saintly figure, but a detailed book about Lincoln shows that much of what historians say about him is pure fiction.

The Real Lincoln Book Review Mercedes Bailey Book Review The Real Lincoln History Z, The overall theme outlined in chapter two is the opposition that Lincoln, his contemporaries, and practically all Northerners had towards racial equality. Thomas DiLorenzo illustrates this theme with the very first quote in this chapter.

Thesis The thesis of Killing Lincoln is not stated directly in the events of the book, but as "A Note to Readers". O'Reilly and Dugard mainly want to teach the readers about real events that can change the way this country is working.

The book that received the most mentions was The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War, by Thomas DiLorenzo.

DiLorenzo Rebuttal

Some brief internet searching revealed that the book is quite controversial and has been charged with gross distortion of history/5. The thesis of the book the real lincoln, Another critic of the book has called it, in part, a recycled version of The Thirteenth Tribe, another book with a controversial thesis on the genesis of the Jewish people published in by Arthur.

DiLorenzo, for example, describing Lincoln's "real agenda," writes: "In virtually every one of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Lincoln made it a point to champion the nationalization of money and to demonize Jackson and the Democrats for their opposition to it" (68).

Book Review: The Real Lincoln, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo