Write about vietnam weather seasons

Home Weather in Vietnam All those Vietnam war movies showed a steaming hot country with heroes sweating it out, but this representation is only a part of the whole picture.

Write about vietnam weather seasons

Southern Vietnam

The weather in Vietnam can be split by region. Weather overview There is not really a right or wrong time to visit Vietnam as during most months of the year you will experience both sunshine and rain in varying quantities.

At times there has been snow yes white snow! It pays to imagine the country as three separate destinations when researching weather for your intended visit and the following information will hopefully help you unravel the complexities. It can get very cold and frosty in December and January, especially at night.

The best months to travel in the north-east Ha Giang is during the dry season, from October to April, although December and January can get very cold.

Seasons in Vietnam: Weather and Climate

Trekking and cycling are possible year round, however the winter time can be rather chilly, and the summer rather wet. Summer lasts from May to October when it is hot and humid and the region experiences its highest rainfall.

July to September are often the wettest months of the year. During these months severe weather can prevent junks sailing in Halong Bay although such weather is rare.December is the most beautiful time to visit Vietnam with mild climate and pleasant in every region of the country.

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write about vietnam weather seasons

Seasons in Vietnam. When planning a Vietnam holiday, it helps to think of the country as three separate regions with differing weather patterns..

Central coast

While south and central Vietnam have two main seasons, wet and dry, north Vietnam has closer to four distinct seasons that . Vietnam has a tropical monsoon vetconnexx.comy speaking, the weather in Vietnam is dictated by two seasons -- the southwest monsoon from April to September and the northeast monsoon from October to late March or early April.

Vietnam Weather Overview: Vietnam is located between 9 and 23 degrees north. Eastern Vietnam has a long coastline on the Gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea. Vietnam is often depicted as a place with steamy jungles and hot beaches, but country's climate is quite diverse, with freezing temperatures and even snow in its northern highlands.

Vietnam has two distinct monsoon seasons.

Vietnam Weather and Climate, the best time to go to Vietnam

Vietnam: Weather & when to go. When is the best time of year to visit Vietnam? The weather in Vietnam can be split by region.

In Hanoi & the north, May to October is hot and humid with high rainfall; November to April is cooler and dry. The climate in Sapa and Vietnam’s north-west region including Mu Cang Chai is divided into two seasons.

Vietnam Weather and Climate, the best time to go to Vietnam